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The Finding Peace Campaign is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit Organization designed to benefit victims of abuse and others in need of food, clothing, shelter, and more. Our company donates food to homeless shelters and families who are in need of food, and toiletries. The Finding Peace Campaign donates to women, men and children facing hardships. The Finding Peace Campaign donates funds to help abuse victims with counseling and education. Our company will help with security deposits for housing to minimize homelessness, and other financial help to families who have struggles with cost of living. Our goal is to minimize suffering stemmed from abuse, hunger, and homelessness.

Organizations and causes supported

  • Donated to: MCCA Homeless Shelter in Manchester CT food pantry to feed people in need.
  • Donated to: Family of Anna Kiese a woman who lost her life to her abuser in a domestic dispute monies to help with her funeral cost.
  • Donated to: A woman in New York that had stage 4 breast cancer funds to help with her treatment cost.
  • Donated to: The Town of Bloomfield Social Youth Service school supplies for their back to school supplies giveaway.
  • Donated to: Town of Windsor food pantry food to feed families in need.
  • Donated to: Greater Hartford Children toys and clothing for the holiday season since 2015.
  • Donated to: Greater Hartford Children school supplies to help with their learning.


Thanks so much for your generosity!

The Finding Peace Campaign Team


***All donations are tax deductible***


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